1 Year Anniversary "Welcome Back" #TJCTAKEOVER at @magickcity in #Greenpoint This Saturday Night 10PM Featuring Music by @thejoshcraig + Very Special Guest From Berlin (@ninjatune @ghostly @technicolourrecs) ! We Have OliverLKG On Sound Reactive @unitytechnologies Powered Visuals ! Non-Alcoholic @mombucha Beverages As Well As Coyote Mezcal From Mexico & @momandicepops To Keep Us Cool. Food, Samosas From Jackson Heights. Analogue Sound System by @klipschaudio ! Open Dab-Bar by @topstone.projects ! This Is An Extended Edition Til 6AM. Come Celebrate A Year Of Me Giving #Brooklyn All My Heart & Taking Chances Along The Way. We Dance All Night. This Ones For My Mom #THEJOSHCRAIG #AfricanAcidIsTheFuture #NYC

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 Artwork by TJC

Artwork by TJC

Coming fresh off a U.S. Tour, The Josh Craig makes his Jupiter Disco return for a new party called Friends In Town. For the debut he has called on his patron from London, The Last Skeptik, who happens to be in the states touring. Lucky us. The two will spend the day digging for records all across Brooklyn playing what they find as well as original tracks from both artists, of course. A great start to the weekend indeed. See you on the dance floor.

The Josh Craig, so-called Mayor of Greenpoint, Produces & DJ’s a variation of Experimental Soul & Deep Progressive tracks for listeners of all ages blending the old w/ the new like no other. Known for his stage presence performing originals with amazing vocals as well as his genre bending vinyl collection, TJC is a positive force on the rise. Be on the lookout for his debut album Closed Doors coming Summer 2018.

The Last Skeptik is a London based DJ, Producer & Director known for his in-depth compositions and collaborations w/ the countries best performers. His class A engineering and sound design create cinematic ventures through vibration. TLS original music is a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B and Futurebeats w/ vocals perfect for all settings at all times. His latest album This Is Where It Gets Good is out now on Thanks For Trying Records.

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 #TJCTAKEOVER makes its monthly return to Magick City with resident DJ & Host The Josh Craig coming fresh off a month long U.S. tour just in time for the warm weather. This "Welcome Home" episode features some of Brooklyn's most exciting DJ's VAGARA [Halcyon The Shop]  Noah Prebish & #Whit [The Lot Radio/ Barrie the band] as well as amazing bands Coco Verde and Jeremy Willis of The Listeners performing LIVE!

Join us for a special night of joy, dance & positive vibration.




Doors: 7PM

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Durham NC

Currently In Durham North Carolina being treated like a positive body of energy. These moments are very powerful to describe. Floods of emotion washing over my physical. Sites to see captured using age old techniques of yesteryear. My performance last night felt like I was in a room of friendly strangers anxious to let themselves go. I'm noticing more that the power invested in me is built to extend outward towards the boundaries of our physical realm of existence. Next stop, Richmond Virginia.  

 Live @ Surf Club 2.24.18

Live @ Surf Club 2.24.18

Photo Coutesy of  #SENDMOREFILM for @polaroidsofppl

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Alt.Ctrl.GDC: March 2018

Joel Couture of Gamasutra published a very well worded piece about Doors To The City today. It touches on the revolutionary Tech Deck interface for the game as well as our participation at Alt.Ctrl.GDC March 19-23rd in San Francisco, California.

For those who don't know, DTTC is a holographic video game collaboration between myself, Benji P & Looking Glass.

Check out the full article HERE 




Doors To The City w/ Tech Deck Controller @ SuperchiefGalleryNY

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Closed Doors: An Artist Statement

Mixing down new music and had a few thoughts. So, here's some personal insight about what im working on.

This song (Where Did U Go) is a bit different from the others on the project. It sounds like my flow all the early fans came to adore. A mix of singing passionate hooks and reciting poetic verses. It's an open minded song about the ways of the world.

As for #ClosedDoors entirely, I feel strongly about how people will receive the project. The melodies are 100% groove. Lyrics are very mature. Vocals don't appear on every song but those w/ them are very majestic. Production is tuned to make vocals the lead as synths take listeners on a deep journey. The late night percussion is human as well as machine based in nature. There's also a ton of field recordings that tell the story.

I plan to convert the digital songs to live w/ my bandmates in Feb/March. There's a few shows on the calender for those looking to see me perform some originals. Anyone who's been to any of my concerts, knows the energy is pure. I'll be announcing short U.S. March/April tour in the forthcoming weeks. Before all that however I'll be at Jupiter Disco 9:30pm Wed Feb 7th . Lets chat in-between my and OG AG sets.



 7 Train - Local

7 Train - Local

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Doors To The City

For those who don't know, I've been working on a cool project blending audio, physical & holographic art project called #DoorsToTheCity. It's a video game collaboration between Benjamin Poynter of Looking Glass and myself. The purpose of DTTC is to give people an escape and join an artist as he travels thru the world in search of the perfect sound.


For more about the game, check out the Looking Glass forum HERE

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Brought this huge bottle a booch to Glasserie to say thanks for all the Tahini. They were glad

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THE 45 HR w/ TJC

 (DJ)   MONDAY 6.26.17  THE 45' HR w/ TJC  4PM @ HALCYON  FREE


MONDAY 6.26.17

THE 45' HR w/ TJC



Join us for 4 hours of 45's ranging from disco to funk to soul music. TJC has been spending a few weeks searching for records just for us on Monday night. If you're into a wide array of sound and want to listen to rare grooves while you shop for even more rare grooves then this is for you. Hope to see you all!

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Mixed Reality Party: CTW2017

Wed 5PM @ Microsoft Reactor at Grand Central Tech 335 Madison Av in Manhattan I'm Presenting An Interactive Audio & Visual Experience Along w/ Others In VR, AR, Interactive Projection & Other Responsive Experimental And Profitable Tech for @creativetechweek Mixed Reality Party !

I'm Collaborating w/ @lookingglassfactory Using Sound Reactive 3D Cubes and Making The Colors Of 1K+ LED Lights Dance & Tell Stories To The Beat Of My Original Music In A Room Full Of Inventions That'll Blow Your Mind.

Tix Are $15 & Almost Sold Out. Purchase HERE

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What:  HOLOGRAM HAPPY HOUR!  Beer, non-beer, and holograms will be provided.


WhereGreenpoint, Brooklyn at 95 Commercial St.  Down the cobblestone road.  Call 929.387.8225 and we'll let you in!


When: This Tuesday, May 16th from 7pm - 10pm.  


Why:  We're representing the dream of the hologram for Creative Tech Week NYC!  


Cost of entry:  We're making a holographic video compilation of moonwalk attempts.  Specifically, at the door you'll be asked to attempt to moonwalk, with your bottom half recorded in depth video (top half optional).  If you refuse, we will still let you into the party, but we will take your shoes.  Albert Hwang made a guide here, so you can practice.  


Hope to see you Tuesday night!  RSVP most appreciated!


p.s.  we have a new magic trick we'll be performing for the first time ever on Tuesday night.  Don't miss it!


-Shawn and your friends at Looking Glass!

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Giving a speech on Electronic Music and Visuals at Creative Tech Week during the 2 day long Conference Hub at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway May 20th at 2PM in Manhattan. I'll be discussing my past music collaborations w/ Cyborgs Neil Harbisson & Moon Ribas, how I make 3D LED lights dance w/ Looking Glass Factory, my debut interactive album Closed Doors and more alongside some pretty talented and intelligent folks. Really excited about this opportunity. Currently putting my presentation together now. Looks and sounds cool. Grab some tickets HERE and come check ya bro out!

 Photo by  Zack Dezon

Photo by Zack Dezon

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