Twin Flames: #DreamWeaver

A film by @JustinAversano and @Vaintinofilmworks featuring an all original soundtrack scored by @thejoshcraig

2019 //


Deeper Transmissions: An Audio-Visual Signal by @thejoshcraig | Filmed on #VHS Tape 01.2019 // The Colors Represent The Emotions Triggered By The Melodies. The Sounds Were Created Using Korg Analog Synthesizers. Vocals by TJC With Minimal Reverb Recorded To Type IV Cassette at TJHC Laboratory In Brooklyn NY

AUDIO- Produced, Mixed, Mastered & Performed by The Josh Craig
VISUAL- Filmed, Edited & Directed by The Josh Craig





Interior Design

 6255 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA

Dylan Nieves

Frontside 180 

Brooklyn x Seoul 

I'm a huge fan of Seoul, Korea and their one of a kind architectural prowess. So, I dedicated these images to the skyscrapers of that amazing city. I went with a futuristic, Neo-Seoul look to create the feeling of change through time and space. The bright colors and unique angles represent the change in not only how we see but what we actually see, allowing our minds to let go and create a city of our own.


Starring Arden

11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi

I was invited by my friend Chet & PAX to cover the 11byBBS Fall/Winter 15 Opening Party for NYFW. They asked me not to shoot the typical fashion week blog photos but to do it my own style. If by that they meant bogging and weaving through a crowd of hot models, a ton of friends or celeb's then I guess I have a unique style. 


Starring BOSCO

468... Getting Out There

I got into 468 after I went to Coney Island last year. I had this crazy idea of going all over the city taking pictures at every stop on the NY Rapid Transit Line, then I did it. Every day for 6+ months I woke up, went to the last stop on a line, got off then made my way back to the starting point while capturing a shot for each station I passed. I journeyed through 4 out of the 5 boroughs covering all 468 stops in NYC. I chose to shoot in Black & White because I wanted the viewers to paint their own colors of the Big Apple. 

468... Getting Out There Vol.1  (the book) was published by Bryon Summers. It features the 1/3 of the trip. So far the book has sold out in multiple cities and is getting a hardcover reissue Winter 15'