by The Josh Craig

His latest release, TJC Tape, is a testament to the idea that there is no right or wrong way to create and release what is inside of your heart. The music is very honest, consistent and at times makes you question reality. 120 minutes of sure fire original deep tracks all tuned to 432Hz. Disc 1 is a journey. Disc 2 is a battle. Prepare your mind for you know not what cometh next. Let the voice and technology of TJC overcome your body and your soul will follow. Enjoy

All songs Written, Recorded, Produced, Performed, Mixed & Mastered* by The Josh Craig

*Day 2 Mastered by Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound Studio in Queens NY

*Additional Production & Mixing, SEASONINGS, by Jamal Jellyfish (Synthesizer) Recorded in Oakland CA

*Additional Production, ROUND 2 by Dotan Negrin (Synthesizers) Recorded in Brooklyn NY

TJHC Records | Brooklyn, NY 2018.

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