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Mallorca, Spain

Left the US for the 1st time and it has been a beautiful thing. Being treated as rooted tree in a sacred forest without interference from colonized minds has been allowing me to breath deep and process this forward progress. It isn't the flair or glamour that pushes me. It is simply knowing that I have finally stopped swimming upstream and found balance with the currents allowing me to flow with the water in unison through the rivers of life. 

I will be returning to Playa De Palma in 3 weeks to film a documentary about my life over the course of 4 days with Director Guillermo Broglia. I'm extremely looking forward this moment and will keep you all updated as these dots connect. Thanks for reading. Stay up

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THE 45 HR w/ TJC

(DJ)   MONDAY 6.26.17  THE 45' HR w/ TJC  4PM @ HALCYON  FREE


MONDAY 6.26.17

THE 45' HR w/ TJC



Join us for 4 hours of 45's ranging from disco to funk to soul music. TJC has been spending a few weeks searching for records just for us on Monday night. If you're into a wide array of sound and want to listen to rare grooves while you shop for even more rare grooves then this is for you. Hope to see you all!

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