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Who Am I? - A Moment

Who am I?

I am The Josh Craig.

Creator of all sorts.

My mission is to spread the positive vibration towards the direction of those in need of a wake up call to fill the void.

In this life you find yourself questioning the very things that give you a sense of satisfaction as if it isn’t truly guaranteed.

The reasons for the hesitations seem misplaced in heavens basement.

What have we become?

Ahh to hell with devious ones.

I speak what I speak than I sleep when I’m done.

Get back on my feet then I reach for the sun.

Stretch. Reflect. Stretch. Reflect. Stretch. Reflect.

The time has come.

For moments of atonement not to roam for fun.

I am who I am.

I’ll be who I be.

My purpose in this life is to lead those to be free.

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Closed Doors: An Artist Statement

Mixing down new music and had a few thoughts. So, here's some personal insight about what im working on.

This song (Where Did U Go) is a bit different from the others on the project. It sounds like my flow all the early fans came to adore. A mix of singing passionate hooks and reciting poetic verses. It's an open minded song about the ways of the world.

As for #ClosedDoors entirely, I feel strongly about how people will receive the project. The melodies are 100% groove. Lyrics are very mature. Vocals don't appear on every song but those w/ them are very majestic. Production is tuned to make vocals the lead as synths take listeners on a deep journey. The late night percussion is human as well as machine based in nature. There's also a ton of field recordings that tell the story.

I plan to convert the digital songs to live w/ my bandmates in Feb/March. There's a few shows on the calender for those looking to see me perform some originals. Anyone who's been to any of my concerts, knows the energy is pure. I'll be announcing short U.S. March/April tour in the forthcoming weeks. Before all that however I'll be at Jupiter Disco 9:30pm Wed Feb 7th . Lets chat in-between my and OG AG sets.



7 Train - Local

7 Train - Local

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