California & Berlin

So I'm leaving for California and Berlin in a few days. Kind of freaking out. Not scared ya know just like wow, life takes you places. It's being ready that's the thing. And not knowing when life will take you to said places is the thrill you seek to keep going. For the feeling of being alive through the captivation that is life. The pain. The joy. The hate. The love. Everything you leave behind on your journey to tomorrow is what makes you who you are. Your will to fight when you're alone. Your will to fight for those who have passed. Their story you feel the honor to tell. Life's a trip man. I don't understand life itself but I do understand the idea of what it feels to be truly alive. It's thrilling, frightening, painful, beautiful, humbling and pure. What we believe our missions are in life, what we feel is right, what we know is wrong, it is our mission as the future of this oh so fragile planet to expand our knowledge of it and grow with each other. To stay in one place your whole life and feel as if you've lived enough to relax isn't where am I. I must travel and walk through walls to get what I deserve. You work so hard non stop your whole life watching people come in and out of it and you begin to ask yourself questions. Are you genuinly happy? Do you feel ALIVE? How many hearts have you touched? Is it worth the fight as a soldier with the soul of a man? These questions tend to become a burden thus clouding the vision in your tunnel causing you to swerve into dividers loosing track of ones direction and time. A clear mind leads to a clear heart I say. A little space to think never hurt anybody. Thus, relocation. The time is now. Look up. 



Posted on October 27, 2015 and filed under Words.