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The 1st in a series of mixes to get you thru your train rides in whatever city or airport you may find yourself in. Something to listen to so you don't fall asleep and miss your stop. 17 minutes til you get where you're going. You made it this far. Don't miss your departure.

All Genres. Vinyl + CDJ. Recorded Live in Brooklyn New York at TJHC HQ 2018.


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Mallorca, Spain

Left the US for the 1st time and it has been a beautiful thing. Being treated as rooted tree in a sacred forest without interference from colonized minds has been allowing me to breath deep and process this forward progress. It isn't the flair or glamour that pushes me. It is simply knowing that I have finally stopped swimming upstream and found balance with the currents allowing me to flow with the water in unison through the rivers of life. 

I will be returning to Playa De Palma in 3 weeks to film a documentary about my life over the course of 4 days with Director Guillermo Broglia. I'm extremely looking forward this moment and will keep you all updated as these dots connect. Thanks for reading. Stay up

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Here's the Facebook Live video from Sunday nights performance at Baby's All Right "Let's Chill 02" in Williamsburg. I started off with a few originals then went into some live jams with (half) of my band The Josh Craig Experience Featuring STEEVE SAM which was insane!!! To be able to conduct a band onstage is a great feeling when it's done right. When you're in that spaceship and take flight man, no better feeling in the world. Just wanna say thank you to everyone who came out and showed hella love. Twas an experience to say the least. Thanks to WAXX.FM & The Rapfest for providing the platform to exhibit our talents. 



Today, BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx released their video for SHOOTER off the Fools Gold mixtape "Girls In The Yard".  I'm excited because I'm the lead boy aka BOSCO's love interest in the video and I make being a sleazy boyfriend look good! Super proud of this because the whole squad was involved. Assal Ghawami directed the video and Carrie White produced it. If you don't know by now, they're family. For us to come together for one effort is amazing. Even the cast was fam! Thanks to everybody involved. You all rock. Check the video out here if you haven't seen it already ---->

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