Output Closing: A Statement

NYC is becoming one big hotel where everyone wants to look nice and have a quiet life on a concrete island. It's a city. It will never be quiet here. Get over it. People who actually make a living recording & selling music, designing vinyl artwork, playing instruments and touring the world are taking a hit as every nightclub in town closes. Lotta people here congratulating the closure but what are you doing for all the kids/adults who dance, DJ, sing & produce electronic music to escape the stress of the city. There are no inviting community centers for people of all colors in NYC at all. These places are where people go to express themselves. Not all the popular music today is good or inclusive but for the music that is, people need somewhere to go experience it. Not everything at Output was bad or shitty or exclusive. So everyone bashing the club closure and hasn't gone to a club in years or if you aren't a professional musician then enjoy your quiet life as it's a few decibals less basic. If you can afford to live in Williamsburg then you can afford earplugs or maybe to even invest in opening a space for people to express themselves using audio-visual techniques. For everyone who is looking for a place to experience great sound, good dancing and a place to not think about your overpriced rent for a few hrs then come to Magick City in Greenpoint. Cheers

Posted on December 13, 2018 .