Giving a speech on Electronic Music and Visuals at Creative Tech Week during the 2 day long Conference Hub at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway May 20th at 2PM in Manhattan. I'll be discussing my music collaborations w/ Cyborgs Neil Harbisson & Moon Ribas, how I make 3D LED lights dance w/ Looking Glass Factory, my debut interactive album Closed Doors and more alongside some pretty talented and intelligent folks. Really excited about this opportunity. Currently putting my presentation together now. Looks and sounds cool. Grab some tickets and come check ya bro out!

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New Updates

Throughout the forthcoming weeks, I'll be giving my blog and website a slight facelift since I've got so much going on lately. Kind of need to at this point. Please stay tuned for all thats going to be occurring. I appreciate you sticking with me and being patient this long. I love yall 

Weschester // Spring 17

Weschester // Spring 17

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Hurrican Katrina: A Moment To Reflect

Headed to Hawaii tonight with some Hurricanes in the forecast. That isn't really the thing that concerns me. The thing that concerns me is the fact that 11 years ago today in New Orleans, Louisiana they blew up the levees and let water run ramped do to Hurricane Katrina and there's not one hashtag, post, video or any social media honoring the civilians and rescue teams whose lives were lost during the week of Aug 23 - 31st 2005.

So here I am on social media reading what's trending, reading what I missed while I was away, reading a bunch a fluff just shaking my head like "Really? Nobody is gonna say anything to anybody who may be going thru it this week? Wow." That to me is not using the power of the internet in a personal manner. The thing that connects us all without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. I think it's a statement as to why arts and entertainment in this country is in the state that it's in. The state of NUMB. It's like we've lost touch with the soul of one another even tho we're all connected under the same irl cloud.

Now I may not comment on all political issues on my website all the time (because I use and interact more on different networks i.e. Twitter) and nor do I have the biggest following or all eyes on me such as these award shows and internet personalities and brands do but for those "follow" me, Don't EVER forget what happened that week in America.

So while ya post about Chris Brown and the new iPhone and whatever happened at whoevers event, I'm gonna take a second to say RIP to the lives lost, ruined and affected during #HurricaneKatrina in the Gulf Coast. You will not be forgotten.

See you in October N'Orleans. Can't wait to go back.


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Neil Harbisson & The Josh Craig by Salon

Incase you didn't know, I'm the 1st human to ever collaborate on music with a cyborg. My friend Neil Harbisson is color blind and implanted an antenna in his head giving way to a new sense. The sense of feeling color. The video can tell his story better than I can. A few months back, we hung out and made some songs from the colors of the supermarket. Salon covered the day we spent together. Shot by Peter Cooper, check out the video below. It's pretty LIT! 

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Here's the Facebook Live video from Sunday nights performance at Baby's All Right "Let's Chill 02" in Williamsburg. I started off with a few originals then went into some live jams with (half) of my band The Josh Craig Experience Featuring STEEVE SAM which was insane!!! To be able to conduct a band onstage is a great feeling when it's done right. When you're in that spaceship and take flight man, no better feeling in the world. Just wanna say thank you to everyone who came out and showed hella love. Twas an experience to say the least. Thanks to WAXX.FM & The Rapfest for providing the platform to exhibit our talents. 



Today, BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx released their video for SHOOTER off the Fools Gold mixtape "Girls In The Yard".  I'm excited because I'm the lead boy aka BOSCO's love interest in the video and I make being a sleazy boyfriend look good! Super proud of this because the whole squad was involved. Assal Ghawami directed the video and Carrie White produced it. If you don't know by now, they're family. For us to come together for one effort is amazing. Even the cast was fam! Thanks to everybody involved. You all rock. Check the video out here if you haven't seen it already ---->

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Me and my pal Dee (Dee & Ricky) installed art for the WONDER WORLD exhibition at Rush Arts Gallery. It's going on till 6.25.16 Wed to Sat from 12 - 6PM with a LEGO workshop the 25th from 3 - 5PM. Featuring artist that inspire Dee & Ricky in NYC. There are legends and fresh young talent included in the roster listed below. Be sure to stop by and maybe just maybe I'll bring my band by and play some songs for your viewing pleasure. 

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I'm providing sounds for Larsson & Jennings event 2mor night at Fort Gansevoort. Cocktail hr and dinner party type. Some chill house going down. I'm gonna work on finishing some tracks. Play unreleased joints and personal favorites. Should be fun. Gonna record the set. Check their work HERE ----> L&J  

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The Josh Craig Radio

You are invited tonight to episode 101 of The Josh Craig Radio presented by WAXX.FM
I'll be dropping my favorite tracks in all types of music from Brooklyn to Berlin and classics from my parents record stash along with a few of my originals. 
There will be some special guests attending. The show is live and will broadcasted from 8-10pm here


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