Haffmans and Neumeister: Upcoming Shoot

Doing an editorial photo shoot with Jácint Halász for Haffmans and Neumeister this Friday in Berlin. Excited to be connecting with an eye wear brand here and represent for my people back home in style.


I met up with the Flatbush Zombies & Kirk Knight at their show here at Astra a week ago and met Ryan of H&N backstage. After trying on the glasses, well everything else is history.


Shouts to Erick and the bros from Brooklyn for the introduction. Funny how it all works out in this life. Looking forward to the shoot and furthering a relationship with Haffmans and Neumeister. Stay tuned for the photos. 

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Who Am I? - A Moment

Who am I?

I am The Josh Craig.

Creator of all sorts.

My mission is to spread the positive vibration towards the direction of those in need of a wake up call to fill the void.

In this life you find yourself questioning the very things that give you a sense of satisfaction as if it isn’t truly guaranteed.

The reasons for the hesitations seem misplaced in heavens basement.

What have we become?

Ahh to hell with devious ones.

I speak what I speak than I sleep when I’m done.

Get back on my feet then I reach for the sun.

Stretch. Reflect. Stretch. Reflect. Stretch. Reflect.

The time has come.

For moments of atonement not to roam for fun.

I am who I am.

I’ll be who I be.

My purpose in this life is to lead those to be free.

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The 1st in a series of mixes to get you thru your train rides in whatever city or airport you may find yourself in. Something to listen to so you don't fall asleep and miss your stop. 17 minutes til you get where you're going. You made it this far. Don't miss your departure.

All Genres. Vinyl + CDJ. Recorded Live in Brooklyn New York at TJHC HQ 2018.



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Mallorca, Spain

Left the US for the 1st time and it has been a beautiful thing. Being treated as rooted tree in a sacred forest without interference from colonized minds has been allowing me to breath deep and process this forward progress. It isn't the flair or glamour that pushes me. It is simply knowing that I have finally stopped swimming upstream and found balance with the currents allowing me to flow with the water in unison through the rivers of life. 

I will be returning to Playa De Palma in 3 weeks to film a documentary about my life over the course of 4 days with Director Guillermo Broglia. I'm extremely looking forward this moment and will keep you all updated as these dots connect. Thanks for reading. Stay up

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Whole Lotta Love

Headed back to Halcyon today for #WholeLottaLove my in-store residency at Brooklyns hub for music since 1999. All vinyl and cassettes today. Let's do it for all the right reasons. As always, no cover. Just good times

ps -- If you've never been there before, just head to the club output. It's attached to  the club. Can't miss it. See ya soon

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Join @thejoshcraig at Magick City in Greenpoint Brooklyn as he returns to one of the best sounding rooms in NYC for his resident TJCTAKEOVER party. Expect positive energy, a live performance and records all night ranging from funk to deep house to world music + more. In collaboration with Topstone Vaporizers, this will be a great option for anyone on a Saturday night going into the early hrs of Sunday morning. TIX-- adv $8/door $10 https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1154226

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San Francisco: July 28th - The Hightened Series


Presented by Michael Magallanes,
named in America's Top 10 Cannabis Chefs:
The Hightened
July 28th, 2018
Secret Location: San Francisco

Humboldt County’s own NASHA Extracts
will be exquisitely pairing terpene rich full melt hash

using artisanal made Topstone vaporizers

with elegantly crafted, multi-course cuisine from Opulent Chef
and vinyl musical stylings by The Josh Craig





Come meet the farmer, the hash maker, the musician and the chef to experience the most forward thinking, unexplored, crop to kitchen concept

This is a private, invitation-only event with a suggested donation of $150.00

Please email chefmikk@opulentchef.com to RSVP
Location will be in San Francisco and disclosed upon RSVP

Learn more about Chef Michael and what to expect at this event on our blog. 

Haven't Been Leaving Studio Much

Im deep in the flow with all these creations and sound studies. Creativity is running thru me abundantly. Can't block it. Just letting it unfold. Another story told. I hope you overstand. 

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1 Year Anniversary "Welcome Back" #TJCTAKEOVER at @magickcity in #Greenpoint This Saturday Night 10PM Featuring Music by @thejoshcraig + Very Special Guest From Berlin (@ninjatune @ghostly @technicolourrecs) ! We Have OliverLKG On Sound Reactive @unitytechnologies Powered Visuals ! Non-Alcoholic @mombucha Beverages As Well As Coyote Mezcal From Mexico & @momandicepops To Keep Us Cool. Food, Samosas From Jackson Heights. Analogue Sound System by @klipschaudio ! Open Dab-Bar by @topstone.projects ! This Is An Extended Edition Til 6AM. Come Celebrate A Year Of Me Giving #Brooklyn All My Heart & Taking Chances Along The Way. We Dance All Night. This Ones For My Mom #THEJOSHCRAIG #AfricanAcidIsTheFuture #NYC

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 #TJCTAKEOVER makes its monthly return to Magick City with resident DJ & Host The Josh Craig coming fresh off a month long U.S. tour just in time for the warm weather. This "Welcome Home" episode features some of Brooklyn's most exciting DJ's VAGARA [Halcyon The Shop]  Noah Prebish & #Whit [The Lot Radio/ Barrie the band] as well as amazing bands Coco Verde and Jeremy Willis of The Listeners performing LIVE!

Join us for a special night of joy, dance & positive vibration.




Doors: 7PM

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Durham NC

Currently In Durham North Carolina being treated like a positive body of energy. These moments are very powerful to describe. Floods of emotion washing over my physical. Sites to see captured using age old techniques of yesteryear. My performance last night felt like I was in a room of friendly strangers anxious to let themselves go. I'm noticing more that the power invested in me is built to extend outward towards the boundaries of our physical realm of existence. Next stop, Richmond Virginia.  

 Live @ Surf Club 2.24.18

Live @ Surf Club 2.24.18

Photo Coutesy of  #SENDMOREFILM for @polaroidsofppl

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Alt.Ctrl.GDC: March 2018

Joel Couture of Gamasutra published a very well worded piece about Doors To The City today. It touches on the revolutionary Tech Deck interface for the game as well as our participation at Alt.Ctrl.GDC March 19-23rd in San Francisco, California.

For those who don't know, DTTC is a holographic video game collaboration between myself, Benji P & Looking Glass.

Check out the full article HERE 




Doors To The City w/ Tech Deck Controller @ SuperchiefGalleryNY

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